Transparency Statement

Roland Foods, LLC and its affiliated entities (“Roland Foods”) support the goals of the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010 and strive to assure compliance with good labor practices throughout our business activities. We address labor practice matters in our agreements with suppliers and though our Supplier Code of Conduct to which every supplier must agree before working with us. Our Supplier Code of Conduct can be found at:

As a condition of doing business with us, our suppliers represent, warrant, certify and agree that they comply with the laws of the United States, all applicable state laws in the United States, and the laws of countries where they do business, which prohibit abuse of labor, forced labor and child labor, human trafficking, slavery, discrimination and harassment, and which allow for freedom of association and collective bargaining. Our suppliers must provide safe, clean and healthy work environments and must have emergency preparedness plans in place. Our suppliers must develop, implement and maintain environmentally-responsible business practices, safeguard the environment, and operate with the highest standards of business integrity. To ensure compliance with our Supplier Code of Conduct, we require our suppliers to keep, maintain, and make available for our inspection, books and records substantiating their processes. Additionally, we require our suppliers to have in place written compliance policies and procedures relating to good labor practices and to permit us, or independent third parties designated by us, to conduct unannounced verification audits at all reasonable times and at least annually. Finally, we require that our suppliers incorporate these requirements into all of their contracts with secondary suppliers who furnish products for incorporation or use in suppliers’ products for us.

We reserve the right to verify our suppliers’ compliance with all aspects of our Supplier Code of Conduct. If any of our suppliers is found not to be in compliance with the Supplier Code of Conduct’s requirements, we will terminate the relationship. Our Supply Chain department monitors compliance with these requirements.