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Savory Cocktail Ingredients

Roland Foods ingredients to include in your next savory cocktail or mocktail creation!

savory cocktail ingredients

As savory sips become one of the hottest trends in beverage, bars and restaurants nationwide are embracing the opportunity to diversify classic cocktails. According to Datassential, a trend analyzing food and beverage intelligence program, savory cocktails are now featured on 15.7% of menus in the United States!

Trending Savory Cocktails

  • 29.3% of menus feature a bloody mary
  • 19.2% of menus feature a Manhattan
  • The Mexican michelada is predicted to grow 31% through 2028

With Roland Foods' diverse portfolio of savory products, you can easily shake up exciting flavors in your next cocktail or mocktail creation.

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County of Origin: China

A fiery and tangy condiment made with sun-ripened chilis, Roland® Spicy Sriracha Chili Sauce adds a burst of heat to any dish. Try our Spicy Sriracha on wings or atop pizza, as a spicy addition to an aioli or hot honey, or as a topper for poke and noodle bowls.

Suggested Recipe: Spicy Sriracha Michelada



Country of Origin: China, Malaysia

Available in convenient squeeze bottles and foodservice size jugs, Roland® Sriracha Chili Sauce is a tangy and spicy sauce made from salted sun-ripened chili peppers that imparts a delicate sweetness. With its garlicky and fiery taste, our Sriracha Chili Sauce is a versatile hot sauce that is a global alternative to traditional hot sauces on sandwiches, noodles, rice, soups, and stews. Roland® Sriracha Sauce is perfect for dipping, drizzling, or finishing dishes, but also has potential to add a flavorful depth to sauces, dips, and spreads.

Suggested Recipe: Spicy Sriracha Michelada


Dirty Martini olive juice

Country of Origin: United States

More concentrated and conveniently strained of fat and solids to save time and packaged in a pourable bottle, Roland® Dirty Martini Olive Juice is a robust and smooth cocktail mixer that is the key ingredient to the cocktail classic known as a Dirty Martini. The potential applications for this briny juice do not end with martinis – try adding to bloody Mary’s, or add to salad dressings, marinades, soups, stews, even pasta!

Suggested Recipe: For the Love of Brine Martini and Spicy Virgin Bloody Mary


Extra virgin olive oil

Country of Origin: Italy, Spain, Greece, Tunisia

Roland® Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an essential in any kitchen pantry. This luscious blend of Mediterranean extra virgin olive oils received the North American Olive Oil Association’s seal of approval, which guarantees its quality. Carefully-selected olives are simply cold-pressed and filtered. No chemical refining, no heat-tampering: extra virgin olive oil in its purest and most delicious form.

Suggested Recipe: Grapefruit Olive Oil Martini Recipe

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toasted sesame oil

Country of Origin: Taiwan

Expeller pressed from high-quality toasted white sesame seeds, Roland® Toasted Sesame Oil is aromatic and imparts a rich nutty flavor. It is ideal for adding flavorful depth to a wide range of Asian, Pan-Pacific, and modern cuisines. Our Toasted Sesame Oil has a smoke point of 410 degrees, making it a versatile ingredient that can be used for roasting or shallow frying or as a finishing touch.

Suggested Recipe: East Side Manhattan

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black vinegar

Country of Origin: China

An Asian pantry staple with versatility, Roland® Black Vinegar is tangy, subtly sweet, slightly smoky, and rich. A clean label product, our Black Vinegar is mildly acidic and less pungent than others, making it the perfect addition to dressings, dipping sauces, and marinades.

Chef's Tip: Combine with fruit, and honey, bring to a simmer and discover your favorite new cocktail shrub

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clam juice

Country of Origin: Netherlands

Time saving and ready to use in a convenient bottle, Roland® Clam Juice provides all the briny salinity of freshly opened clam juice without the manual labor. This briny broth is perfect for poaching seafood in the acqua pazza technique or to further enhance the flavors in stews, gumbos, bouillabaisse, paella, chowders, risottos, and pasta dishes. Our clam juice is perfect in bloody Mary’s and martinis for a twist on a classic cocktail.

Suggested Recipe: Spicy Sriracha Michelada



Country of Origin: India

Petite in size and packed with flavor, Roland® Extra Fine Cornichons French Style Gherkins are the perfect accompaniment to charcuterie boards, tapas spreads, and antipasti. Their crunchy texture and briny flavor complement tuna or salmon with dill and can also be served alongside pâté with extra strong Dijon mustard for a refined hors d’oeuvre. They also make a wonderful garnish for cocktails!

Suggested Recipe: Cornichon Pickle Whiskey Sour


Hot Sliced Jalapeno Peppers

Country of Origin: Turkey

Roland® Jalapeno Slices are a delicious and fiery condiment. These sliced and spicy peppers are the ideal addition to any dish in need of a kick of heat. Slather a juicy hot dog with creamy guacamole and top with Roland® Jalapeno Slices for a delicious Mexican-inspired meal.

Pro Tip: Muddle and add to a spicy margarita or mojito!


Spanish Pimento Stuffed Whole Manzanilla Olives

Country of Origin: Spain

Romance Copy: Roland® Spanish Pimiento-Stuffed Whole Manzanilla Olives combine the mild, savory flavor of Manzanilla olives with the sweet, zesty taste of pimiento peppers. Versatile and attractive, they can be used in a variety of applications from the iconic dirty martini to appetizer trays, salads and stuffing.

Pro Tip: The ideal dirty martini and bloody mary garnish!


Fire Roasted red peppers

Country of Origin: Peru

Conveniently peeled, and packed in a simple brine, Roland® Fire Roasted Red Peppers are a vibrant shade of red and have a slightly smoky, sweet flavor. Our Fire Roasted Red Peppers are perfect for antipasti or sliced as a topping on pizza or sandwiches!

Chef's Tip: Puree to perfection to create the perfect spicy bloody mary


Flat Fillets of Anchovies in Olive Oil

Country of Origin: Chile, Peru, Spain, Morocco

Roland® Flat Fillets of Anchovies in Olive Oil are wild caught, sustainably sourced and carefully hand-packed in a simple blend of olive oil with salt to preserve the fish’s natural savory umami-packed taste. Anchovies are a chef’s secret ingredient and have limitless possibilities in a wide variety of culinary applications. Enhance sauces, dressings, and marinades with a savory depth of flavor by adding anchovies, or top pizza, flatbread, or add an open can to a tapas board for a visually striking tapas spread!

Pro Tip: Diversify your savory cocktail with an anchovy garnish!


soy sauce

Country of Origin: China

Roland® Soy Sauce is naturally fermented from soybeans. A perfectly balanced soy sauce that is not too thin in texture or too thick in texture, it has a rich flavor and dark brown color. There is no MSG added to this product.

Chef's Tip: Add 2 teaspoons to a bloody mary for some Asian flavor


Balsamic Glaze

Country of Origin: Italy

Bottled in a convenient easy to dispense squeeze bottle, and specially crafted in Italy, Roland® Original Glaze made with Balsamic Vinegar of Modena is produced with balsamic vinegar that has been aged and blended for over twenty years. The flavor of our Glaze imparts a rich and spicy taste with woody, sweet and sour notes that will elevate and add interest to any dish it is drizzled over. It pairs exceptionally well with both soft and firm cheese, fruits, and vegetables.

Chef's Tip: Combine with muddled strawberries, vodka, and simple syrup for an elevated cocktail experience!


harissa spice blend

Country of Origin: Israel

Roland® Harissa Spice Blend is an aromatic and savory blend of spices including paprika, garlic, and hot chili pepper that has a sweet and gentle heat. With its vibrant red color and granular appearance, this spice blend would be excellent as a dry rub on proteins and vegetables alike but can also be combined with olive oil or water as a seasoning for cooking.

Pro Tip: Rim the glass to spice up any cocktail or mocktail


Fine Crystal Sea Salt

Country of Origin: Italy

Roland® Sea Salt is the product of sea water evaporation. Its fine texture makes it the perfect cooking salt to reach for in your kitchen and dining room.

Pro Tip: Rim your cocktail to perfection, on the rocks or frozen!


Bamboo Skewers

Country of Origin: Thailand

Skewers, typically made of metal, wood, or bamboo, are most often used to hold meat in place while cooking. Roland® 4" x 2mm Bamboo Skewers are the perfect tool for skewering a variety of meats and vegetables to make the ever-popular shish kebab.

Pro Tip: Roland® Skewers pair perfectly with our pickles and olives for the ideal garnish


Organic Miso Paste

Country of Origin: Japan

Made with four simple ingredients, Roland® Organic Miso is a flavorful, umami-forward ingredient, perfect for adding a boost of flavor to a variety of dishes. A staple in Asian cuisine, miso is most commonly used in traditional miso soup and ramen broth. Try our miso paste in marinades, glazes, soups, dressings, or in compound butters and dips.

Chef tip: Add an umami flavor to a spicy bloody mary with miso paste!


organic red miso paste

Made with four simple ingredients, Roland® Organic Red Miso has a deep umami flavor with a hint of sweetness and rich color, perfect for adding a punch of flavor to a variety of dishes. An aged product with complex saltiness, this robust paste is a versatile pantry staple that works well in soups, marinades, glazes, and even dessert or cocktail applications.

Chef tip: Add an umami flavor to a spicy bloody mary with miso paste!